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November 26, 2014
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How to Avoid the Different Types of Car Scams

Used car scams are not only a risk when you are buying a car. If you don’t go through the due processes, you can also run into trouble when selling a car.

Forewarned is fore-armed, so be aware of the different types of car scams that you could fall foul of when selling your car – and learn how to avoid them:

Deliberate low evaluations – do your homework on the valuation of your car before trying to sell it. Some scammers are professional car ‘flippers’ and will offer a price well below market value, claiming that they know the ‘book value’ of your car, that multiple things are wrong with it, and they back it up with a mechanic they have brought along. They aim to sell the car on for a profit and can deliberately prey on people who haven’t done their research and/or have been trying to sell for a while.

Bounced cheques – this is an old trick that has caught many a car seller out: the buyer knowingly writes a bad cheque for your car. Either call the bank to verify funds before accepting a cheque or insist on a banker’s draft or cash payment. If you accept a cheque then only hand over the keys once the cheque has cleared.

Overpayment on cheques – especially beware a buyer who writes out a cheque over the agreed price and requests a cash refund from you.

Solo test drivers – buyers will ask to take your vehicle for a test drive, offering to leave their driver’s license with you as they go. However, licenses can be faked; it’s best to accompany them on the test drive so that they don’t drive off with your vehicle.

Aggressive car theft –always be on the guard when you meet up with a respondent to an ad; Make sure that when you arrange a meeting with a buyer, you do so in daylight, in a place that’s visible and public, and ideally have a friend or family member accompanying you.

Be wary of anyone who offers to buy your car sight unseen; screen respondents to ads to make sure they are serious, well-intentioned, have the necessary financing sorted, possess a valid driver’s licence, and are prepared to meet up. Also keep a paper trail of all documentation that changes hands as it is your responsibility to ensure that this is in order before handing over the keys.

The best way to avoid a scam entirely is to use a reputable and established car seller. If you are in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area and are looking to sell your car safely and profitably, the team at Car Brisbane can help. We have an unmatched track record of customer satisfaction.

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