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How Much Can You Sell Your Car for in Brisbane?
January 24, 2014
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The Benefits of Selling Your Car for Cash

Busy city road - Top 3 reasons to sell your car For cash

The Benefits of Selling Your Car for Cash

It can make a lot of sense to sell your car for cash in Brisbane if you find the right dealer.

Some dealers may set their prices based purely on automatically-generated quotes and Red Book or Glasses Guide prices. We have found that these are often not fair market prices and that’s why we inspect each vehicle individually ourselves before settling on a fair price with the owner.

Honest professionals with profound knowledge of the Australian car market will provide a “buy now” cash price based upon its real value rather than what it says in a book.

Cash for car deals in Brisbane can mean a swift turnaround and less stress than going through other avenues. Everything can be sorted out with the minimum of fuss, in a simple, three-step process.

Firstly, an experienced car professional comes to your premises to assess the value of the car. Then a mutually acceptable price is agreed upon and cash is paid on the spot. Then the vehicle can be towed away to the buyers’ premises. All this can be completed on the same day, without any delays.

The key is the initial assessment from the professional. From there it is usually very easy to agree on the value and you are likely to get a better price from industry professionals with a wide network of contacts to sell to, than from a small dealer using standard, automated quotes.

You can usually receive cash for your car no matter what the manufacturer or model, as long as it was made in 1999 or after, so it doesn’t have to be the latest model around.

Company cars can be sold quickly and easily for cash, as well as private cars. Fleets or individual company cars are often in need of upgrades, and the old ones can be exchanged for cash as long as you present a tax invoice, a copy of the registration certificate and Business Registration with ASIC and a copy of the company director’s driver’s license.

If you are looking for cash for your private or company cars in Brisbane then is the place to go.