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Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Is it time to buy an electric car? Cars Brisbane

Electric cars have been given the green light when it comes to the environment, and we’re seeing a nationwide increase of potential electric or hybrid car buyers. While electric-powered cars are yet to overtake petrol and diesel vehicles on Australian streets, it’s likely we’ll see them increase in numbers in the foreseeable future. Recent studies show that 36.2% of surveyed Australians have a strong interest in purchasing an electric car when they next decide to upgrade.

Technology to support electric cars is increasing in Australia, with 8 network providers now supplying charging stations throughout the entire country. Electric car sales are forecast to increase to 611,800 by 2030 , and the electric industry is already making a small, but significant growth each year.

With the growing hype and increased quality of battery powered vehicles, the question stands- should you buy an electric car?
We’ve created an electric and petrol car comparison to give you the facts needed to make the all important decision.

Electric Cars Vs Petrol/Diesel Cars


Electric Cars

Since day one we’ve heard about the outstanding environmental benefits of electric cars. However, are electric cars better across all other criteria? While the pros continue to rise, there are a number of cons that may also dictate your decision.


  • They’re eco-friendly and do not contain an engine that emits pollutants into the atmosphere.
  • Electric cars offer big savings on fuel and diesel, and you won’t be effected by fluctuating prices.
  • No more noise pollution! Electric-powered cars are quiet and smooth driving.
  • They’re a relatively low maintenance vehicle.


  • Charging stations are harder to find in rural areas.
  • Charging time is far longer than a quick petrol top-up and can take anywhere from 75 minutes to 16 hours depending on the power of the charging station.
  • Rare Earth elements are used to manufacture electric cars.
  • They are more expensive initially and battery packs may need replacing several times over the lifespan of the car.

Petrol/Diesel Cars

They’re still the kings of commute, however we’re constantly reminded of their detriment to the planet. Are petrol and diesel fuelled cars a more realistic choice for society, or is time to turn off the engine once and for all?


  • They are in high demand making it easy to buy and sell.
  • Variety! Buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to cars and there is an increase of fuel efficient vehicles on the market.
  • Petrol and diesel fuelled cars have a massive range, which is highly beneficial for Australians considering the size of the country and the distances we travel.
  • The price range is quite significant, giving more Australians the opportunity to purchase a vehicle.


  • Fuel prices are constantly on the rise and we can’t help but shed a tear when we think back to what we paid a few decades ago.
  • The maintenance for generic cars is ongoing and expensive.

Car engines release harmful emissions into the atmosphere, contributing heavily to our impact on the environment.

It remains a relatively level playing field for cars in Australia, however the popularity of electric cars is certainly on the rise. Petrol and diesel vehicles are advantageous to Australians who live rurally, drive long distances or have a lower disposable income. However, the benefits of electric cars are undeniable for those living in heavily populated cities who are determined to reduce their carbon footprint and cut fuel costs.

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