How to Make a Profit When Selling My Used Car

Dec 11, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

Are you looking to sell your used car? If so, how will you make sure you get the best possible price and make a profit on the deal?

If you have looked after your car well, maintained it, and not run it into the ground there is no reason why you can’t command an excellent price for your car. But you will need to take a few steps to prepare it for sale.

Step 1: Detail it to get it into shape

Before any potential buyers see your car, get it looking the part. This should include at least a clean from top to bottom, inside and out. It’s best if you wax and polish the car and get it fully detailed so that light scratches and blemishes are removed too. You might want to make a few simple replacements too – like changing the floor mats. The couple of hundred dollars you spend on your car can be returned several times over in the sales price.

Step 2: Get your paperwork together

You want to prove to any prospective buyer that you are the legal owner and that you have looked after your car. Gather your documentation together and keep the service book handy.

Step 3: Fix a price in your head

You need to find out approximately what your car is worth if you aim to get a fair price for it. Research online and check your make, model, year, kilometres on the clock and general condition of your car. Try to arrive at an acceptable low figure, middle figure and an ideal figure that you would like. This will set expectations correctly; but bear in mind that online guide estimates and sales of other similar vehicles may not be based upon the same condition of vehicle.

Step 4: Find the best way to sell your car

How are you going to sell your car? Though many owners advertise in the classified ads, sell online or leave it on the street with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it, this is time-consuming, with no guarantee of sale. You may end up dropping your price to get rid of it quickly. It can be better to deal with an established car buying company that will inspect your vehicle and offer a price based on its real condition. Find one that will pay you cash on the spot and take your vehicle away too, but make sure that it has a reliable reputation in the industry and a good track record.

Selling a car might be one the biggest financial transactions you make in your life. It pays to take time to investigate the sales process and prepare your car well for sale; you can make a profit from your used car.

Car Brisbane will inspect your car at your premises and pay the best possible price in cash for any vehicle made after 1999.

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