How to Buy A Used Electric Car

May 3, 2022 | Car News

As we experience a major spike in fuel prices this year, now could be the time to invest in an electric car.

Electric cars continue to soar in popularity as people begin to make more considered choices throughout their daily routine. Due to major brand innovation in the market, the development of charging station infrastructure and the wider social emphasis on the climate, electric cars can be widely accessed throughout Brisbane. High functioning, well-designed and environmentally conscious; an electric car could be the right vehicle for you and your lifestyle.

Unlike the traditional petrol-fuelled car, electric cars are fuelled by electricity instead of a combustible engine. They’re notably cheaper to operate with fuel savings up to 70% and major maintenance savings. Environmentally friendly and perfect for daily travel, electric cars are being designed to be run more efficiently and effectively and represent a great investment in your daily experience and the earth.

What is an electric car?

Electric vehicles (EVs) include cars powered by electricity rather than liquid fuels, without a combustion engine. Electric cars offer various designs and charging options from rechargeable batteries to hybrid or fuel cells.

Regardless of the electric vehicle type, it will require little to no petrol to fuel your car. With an electric motor, electric cars require 90% less moving parts, and can be accelerated faster than fuel powered vehicles. Offering a lighter and smoother ride, electric cars actually offer an enhanced driving experience, with the convenience of electric charging.

Why buy an electric car?

We know making the switch from traditional fuel powered cars to an electric car could be a daunting experience, however buying an electric car affords many major advantages to the driver.

Cost Efficiency

From the purchasing to maintenance costs, electric cars are more cost efficient than their traditional vehicle counterparts. Ultimately, just like fuel powered cars, the cost of electric cars will depend on make, model, features and type. The range of electric cars available in Australia is only growing with now 38 options available in Australia, with five of those are under $60,000.

However, over the long term, they are a great investment, requiring a cheap cost of maintenance and operation. It is estimated that service and repair costs for electric cars are 70 percent cheaper per kilometre than traditional fuel powered cars. Fuelled for much lower prices, electric cars are more cost efficient to own and operate.

Better for the Environment

The most noted advantage of owning an electric vehicle is that it is most beneficial for the environment. Ultimately, an electric car is much more eco conscious through its electric engines than your traditional combustible car. As a clean energy source, it does not emit toxic gases or smoke into the environment, reducing the air pollution by exhaust emissions. Although, of course, greenhouse gas emissions are created minimally due to the electricity grid.

Beyond the car’s daily operation, electric cars support Australia’s fuel security to decrease dependency on foreign oil and are unaffected by fuel price increases.

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Improved Functionality

Beyond the cost and environmental efficiency of electrical cars, they provide improved performance and driving experience. Without a combustible engine, they are more quiet, comfortable and smoother to drive and require more convenient maintenance.

As newer car models, you can also expect that they will offer more innovative accessories in the car such as intelligent tools and designs.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Cars

Electric cars are just beginning to emerge within the Australian market. We can expect the quantity of car models and makes available to grow and diversify as overseas trends are imported.

Currently, electric cars now make up 2 percent of all vehicles sold nationwide, but that will more than likely grow in the coming years. It was announced in March 2022 that Queenslanders will be offered a $3000 subsidy if they buy an electric vehicle with a purchase price of less than $58,000 over the next three years.

Type of Electric Cars

  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs): uses only an electric battery and does not include engine parts. These vehicles therefore, produce zero emissions.
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs): uses an electric motor as well as a fuel-powered engine. These vehicles produce lower emissions but all power is sourced from fuel.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs): uses the same combination as a hybrid vehicle however, offers a larger battery and electric motor. This vehicle has a charging port but can also be powered by fuel.

Budget & Lifestyle

Similar to the car buying process of a traditional fuel-powered vehicle, it’s important to determine your budget and lifestyle needs. In Australia, electric cars range in price anywhere from $43,000 to $200,000. Manufacturers include Tesla, BMW, Hyundai and many more. Once you have decided your budget and ideal design style, you can be more informed about navigating the electric car market.

Buying a Used Electric Car

The process of buying a used electric car is like buying your traditional fuel powered vehicle. It’s important to consider the overall health, service history and quality of the vehicle to ensure it is the right investment.

With an electric car, it’s important to check the battery health of the vehicle to gauge its longevity going forth. An electric car’s battery can degrade overtime without proper care and usage, such as the previous owner using high-voltage and rapid charging stations often. Moreover, extreme temperatures and other factors could impact the battery health.

Despite being a newer model type within the car market, many electric cars are available for purchase.

Selling an Electric Car

We specialise in purchasing all types of electric cars in Brisbane, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles.

Selling your car to a specialised electric vehicle buyer means you’ll get the best price on the market. We also know what to look for when providing valuations for a well-maintained vehicle.

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