How to Sell Your Car Before Moving Overseas in 2024

May 6, 2024 | Car News

In 2024, the thrill of starting a new chapter overseas remains as strong as ever, but so does the accompanying checklist of tasks. Whether it’s securing visas or packing essentials, every detail matters, including what to do with your car. As you prepare to bid farewell to your vehicle, navigating the maze of independent selling can be daunting, with its potential for delays, uncertainties, and pricing ambiguities.

That’s where the savvy option of selling to a reputable car-buying business comes into play. 

Read on to discover how selling your car to a car-buying business can assist in getting you the best price efficiently and get you on that plane faster!

1. Paperwork Handled Expertly: When you sell independently, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the paperwork needed to sell your vehicle. The stress of being unsure whether everything is filled out correctly or whether you’ve got the right documents can sometimes cause delays in the selling process. Selling to a car buyer lets you know exactly what is needed, and the paperwork can be checked over by expert eyes to ensure you’re sorted quickly.

2. Get Your Car Sold Fast: When you’re moving overseas, there’s always a time crunch to get everything handled before you jet off. Trying to sell your car independently can be the last thing you want to be stressing about when you’ve got a million other things to finalise. Selling to a buyer means you can focus on everything that deserves your attention, like catching up with friends and family before you go. Even getting a quote from a buyer is a far faster alternative than taking a thousand photos of your car and compiling a detailed advertisement, then waiting for the appropriate offer.

3. Your Ideal Pricing: Car buyers have unique insight into the automotive market and can help you find the best price for your car. Additionally, being a business, it’s likely that the prices will average higher than an independent buyer.

4. Knowledge of Makes and Models: Car buyers can help you get the highest price for your vehicle with their attention to detail. Taking into account factors such as the exterior and interior of your vehicle and any features that make your car special can help establish a higher price for your vehicle. Additionally, operating in a geographic location that is conveniently located close to you, your buyer should be able to match your car with the trends of the vehicles being bought in your area – thus increasing price due to demand.

5. Prioritise Your Car’s Safety and Security: Car buyers will help you prepare to sell by ensuring that your car is up to standard when it comes to roadworthy, safety and security features. They’ll even be able to offer you better estimates with more in-depth questions regarding the year of the model and mileage.

6. Open to Questions: The best part about selling to a buyer is that you’ll be able to ask questions no matter what stage of the process you’re up to. Whether you’re interested in how your car compares to others in your area/the market, or you’re wondering whether owning a manual will affect the price of your vehicle, car buyers have the experience to provide answers.

Going overseas should be an exciting time for you, not marred by the preparation process in the lead-up to your flight. Selling to a car buyer can transform the process of selling your car before moving overseas from overwhelming to as smooth and stress-free as possible. How about getting a quote for your car just as quickly as booking a flight? Sound pretty good?

At Cars Brisbane, you can get an estimate on your vehicle efficiently and have it sold at the best price with no hassle. Our team seeks to understand the owner, their requirements and their vehicle to provide the best service. In order to get the process underway, all you have to do is fill out a simple form here or pop into our studio to chat with our team.

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