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January 24, 2014
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How to get a good deal on your used car?
March 4, 2014

How Do You Sell Your Car for Cash the Smart Way?

Going through a third party to sell your car rather than trying to do it yourself doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a lower price. In fact, you can get a great price and immediate payment in CASH for your car by going through the right channels.

Here’s how:

Find a dealer that doesn’t use automatically-generated quotes

The most important factor in getting a good price for your vehicle is getting an honest valuation. That means not relying on automatically-generated quotes or using Red Book or Glasses Guide prices. It means that a qualified mechanic should inspect your vehicle and provide a valuation.

“At Car Brisbane, we provide fair market prices by inspecting each vehicle individually and settling on a fair BUY NOW price with the owner. This is usually more than you will be offered elsewhere.”

Find a dealer with experience and a good reputation

The second-hand car market is full of fly-by-nights. It really pays to shop around and insist on negotiating only with dealers with good experience and a reputation for doing right by the customer.

“At Car Brisbane, our team members are honest professionals with vast experience of the car market. We have built a reputation for fairness and quality amongst our customers and partners, and focus on building ongoing relationships with all concerned. Many of our customers return again and again.”

Find a dealer with a simple process that is fully explained to you

Selling a car doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. It should involve an assessment from a car professional, agreement on a price, then the paperwork completed and payment made.

“At Car Brisbane, we will visit your premises to assess the value of the car. Then a mutually-acceptable price is agreed upon and we will pay cash on the spot.”

Find a dealer who doesn’t cause unnecessary delays

Once the sale has been completed, it can sometimes take a while for the car to get to where it needs to be, causing unnecessary delays. Try to find a dealer that will look after this in a timely fashion.

At Car Brisbane the vehicle can be towed to the buyer’s premises on the same day that we pay you for it, as we have our own transport company.

If you are looking to sell your private or company car for cash in Brisbane then is the place to go. We pay cash for your car no matter what the manufacturer or model, as long as it was made in 1999 or after.

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