5 Tips to Identify a Safe Space in the Automotive Industry

Dec 6, 2022 | Car News

Everyone should feel safe, empowered and respected when selling their car. There has been a longstanding stigma in the car dealership industry for women. We want to help everyone feel confident when selling their car by providing a checklist of factors to consider before choosing a dealership. 

Let’s work together to create a safe space for women in the automotive industry – both as industry professionals and as customers. Use the hashtag “#FeelSafeDriveSafe” to share how you’re making a difference, and inspire others to get involved!

1. Research testimonials/reviews and see what other customers have to say 

This is a great way of measuring the kind of customer service experience a dealership offers. Check out the social media platforms where customer reviews are often reposted, as well as their thoughts shared in the comments section of various posts on Instagram or Facebook. Google Reviews will be your go-to for finding reviews. Also, some reviewers include information such as gender, age and location – it’s important to find a dealership that has verified, quality service reviews from a diverse range of customers!

2. Consider the correspondence

When booking an appointment or making an inquiry, whether online or over the phone, listen out for the tone used by the customer service team. If you pick up on anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts and look elsewhere. Some scenarios that women have reported when booking appointments or making inquiries include: being spoken over, inappropriate remarks or the immediate assumption you’re unclear about what you are requesting or asking. If any of these occur, cut off correspondence.

3. When you arrive at the dealership, how are you greeted? 

Cars Brisbane firmly believe that all genders, abilities, sexual orientations, races and ages should be treated equally, with respect and the highest quality of care and service. If everything has met the standard, and you’re ready to meet with the dealership face-to-face, it’s useful to identify some safety features in the space itself. Consider how you’re greeted – what tone is used, and if you are arriving with a family member or partner – are you all getting the same treatment?

4. If you have a positive car-selling experience, share it! 

Feel Safe, Drive Safe. Sharing your experience helps other women identify places where they can sell or buy a car and experience quality customer service, but receive the best price as well. Using your social media platforms – whether that’s Tiktok, Instagram, Google Reviews, Google Maps, Facebook or Twitter – share your positive experience.

5. One for the dealerships: have the conversation! 

Chat to your staff about the standard of customer service you want to provide, and do a check-in for inclusive, respectful language in your sales and communication toolkit. Giving your staff the training to recognise and respond to this issue is the best way of consistently putting a stop to it.

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