5 Different Ways to Sell Your Car in Australia

Nov 26, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

There are just as many ways to sell a car as there are of buying one. But getting it right is not easy. Your success will depend largely on the time and effort that you are prepared to put into researching the process; and then choosing the best option for your situation.

Below are several options for selling a car in Australia:

Newspaper and Magazine Ads

A popular way traditionally of selling a car privately in Australia is to write an advertisement and place it in a second-hand car magazine or classified ads section of the local newspaper; then you play a waiting game for interested parties to contact you. This approach requires patience and a well-written advertisement (because of space limitations) and may be relatively expensive, with no guarantee of a sale.

Online Ads

The online world offers many opportunities to advertise your vehicle and to interest potential buyers through catchy ads with attractive images of your car. Many car buyers do shop online these days. Again it usually takes time and money to get your advertisement up and there is no guarantee that interested parties will see it. Because of the sheer volume of ads on the most popular sites it is difficult to stand out.

Use a ‘For Sale’ sign

Another good old traditional method is the ‘For Sale’ sign attached to your car in the hope that someone will walk or drive past, note down the telephone number, and give you call. This is a real ‘hit and hope’ option that works best if your car is parked in a high-traffic area where it doesn’t move too quickly – such as in the inner city.

At Auction

If you have a rare or classic car an auction can be a good option for selling it. Even standard vehicles can be sold this way – at live or online auctions, public or private. This is sometimes considered something of a gamble, as you have less control of the sales process.

Through a Dealer

Selling your car through a dealer is another popular option, though some dealers will offer below- the-going-rate evaluations. Your success will depend on how well you have researched the dealer.

The questions to ask yourself before going through a particular dealer is how well established is it, does it inspect your vehicle with a qualified mechanic, will it come to you, how does it settle purchases, and what is its track record of evaluations? Providing you choose the right dealer, this can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

If you are in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area and are looking to sell your car safely and profitably, the team at Car Brisbane can help. We will come to your premises to inspect your car personally and  agree a fair price paid in cash, based upon its actual condition.

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