The Easiest Way to Make Money on Your Used Car

Nov 26, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

How do you maximize the money you make on selling your used car?

There are a series of steps you can go through that will help you sell your car for its true worth rather than a lower-than-acceptable figure based on a ‘blind’ assessment.

To make money on selling your car:

Detail it and get it looking top-notch

Never sell a car that hasn’t been cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out; if you can get it waxed and polished even better; and if you want to go the extra yard then also ensure that any dings, scratches, or blemishes are removed. This will all create a good first impression on a buyer.

Arrive at an approximate evaluation of your vehicle

Knowing approximately what it’s really worth will ensure you are not short-changed by an over-enthusiastic negotiator! Consider the make, model, year, kilometers on the clock, and general condition of your car, and have in mind an upper and lower figure that you see as acceptable. Setting the right expectations is important.

Decide on how to sell your car

Going to write an ad for a local newspaper’s classified ads section? Sell online or auction? Hang a ‘For sale’ sign on it and hope for the best? Or will you use a dealer?

Research the dealer

If you are going to sell to a dealer, choose one that is well established with a good reputation, knows the industry inside out, and has built an extensive network of contacts. A good track record speaks volumes for a car dealer and provides the peace of mind that you will get a fair deal.  It’s best if the dealer sends a mechanic to inspect your car rather than relying on online evaluations; find one that pays on the spot and can collect your vehicle from your premises once the deal is finalised.

By putting a little time into the process you can make money from selling your used car. It helps to have the right car dealer as a partner: Car Brisbane will inspect your car at your premises and pay the best possible price in cash there and then. 

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