6 Ways to Maintain a Used Car’s Resale Value

Jun 23, 2020 | Car Brisbane News

Your car, whether you like it or not, is a recurring investment. If you want to ensure that you’ll get the best deal for your car when it eventually comes time to resell it, you have to be willing to invest money, time and effort into keeping it in tip top shape. Understanding how to maintain a car well enough to receive a considerable amount of money back may seem complicated, but with some commitment and diligence you can do so relatively easily!
Looking to maximise the money you get back from your used car? Follow this guide to better retain the resale value of your car.


1. Maintain Regular Servicing

Perhaps the most important way to maintain your car on this list is through regular servicing. Not only is this smart for maintaining resale value, but also helps to alert you of any potential issues that you may need to fix during the time that you are driving the car.
By keeping up regular servicing of your vehicle, you can show buyers that you have taken great car of the car. Make sure you go to a mechanic that will keep a service history, perform all the necessary checks and is familiar with your car’s make and model.
Avoid doing any mechanical or repair work at home unless you are extremely knowledgeable. Home repair jobs can sometimes end up doing more harm than good, which can decrease resale value in the long run.

2. Regular Cleaning

Keep up regular cleaning of your vehicle. This is something that is sometimes let slip by car owners. Finding time to clean the car is something that can be difficult, but it is really important for maintaining your car’s condition. Without it, dirty interiors or exteriors can lead to perished fabrics, stains, mould or undue corrosion.
Aim to give your car a deep clean at least twice a year, but if you can fit in more than you will be doing yourself a favour. You can wash your car at home with minimal requirements, or consider taking it to a professional for that extra deep clean!

3. Covers and Accessories

Consider investing in some extra accessories for your car that can help to alleviate some of the effects of regular wear and tear. While much of your car is built to withstand the test of time, there are naturally going to be parts of it that age more rapidly than others.
Carpets, seats, steering wheels and other highly used parts of your interior can be protected through the use of covers.  We would recommend investing in floor mats, seat covers and steering wheel covers, to better preserve the material underneath. Don’t go too crazy though, as the effects of modifying your car can be negative!

4. Avoid Wear and Tear Where Possible

Try to avoid wear and tear wherever you can. Avoid high speeds, start and stop driving and driving over poorly maintained roads, as this can put extra wear onto your vehicle. Don’t eat, drink or smoke in your car, and avoid using your car for tasks such as moving houses.
By avoiding these more strenuous tasks you can preserve the longevity of your used car, helping in maintaining its resale value.

5. Store Your Vehicle Correctly

This one may not be possible for everyone but try to avoid storing your vehicle uncovered where possible. Sun damage can slowly degrade your vehicles paint and exterior elements, while hail damage is notorious for reducing a car’s value.
Store it in the garage, or if storing it outside for extended periods, buy a cover that you can easily install to protect from the sun.

6. Detail and Clean Before Selling

When getting ready to sell, a great tip is to detail and deep clean the car. Interested buyers will be looking at the car for the first time, and it makes sense for you to present the best version of your car to them. While it may not seem like much, this can make a big difference to your used car‘s resale value.

By viewing your car as an ongoing investment, you can do wonders to the bottom line once it comes time to resell it. Knowing how to maintain a car well doesn’t require a specialised understanding, it just takes a little time and effort. Follow these tips to maximise your return on investment, and when the time comes, contact us at Cars Brisbane to sell your car in no time!

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