Can You Sell a Car Without Roadworthy?

Nov 19, 2020 | Car Brisbane News

Can You Sell a Car Without Roadworthy?

There are several valid reasons why you might need to sell a car without a roadworthy certificate (RWC). For some sellers, the process involved in arranging an inspection can seem like a daunting task, especially if they are just looking for a quick sale. For others, the decision to forgo a RWC simply comes down to the cost involved or lack of time available before the sale can be preferably finalised.

The rules for selling a car without a roadworthy certificate in Australia depend on a number of factors, primarily dictated by the location. The rules differ between individual states, sometimes taking the age of the vehicle into consideration in deciding what sellers are required to do to transfer ownership.

Where required, a RWC can usually be obtained by booking in a vehicle with an inspection provider approved by your state’s road management department. These can be issued by hand or electronically. In some cases, a mobile mechanic may be able to come out to you to complete the inspection at a convenient location. Note that getting a roadworthy is not the same as having your car serviced, which should be done much more regularly.

A roadworthy certificate differs from a registration certificate, or “rego” as it is more commonly known. The latter is a mandatory document issued by all states and territories, permitting your vehicle to be driven on public roads for as long as it is valid. It also serves as legal proof of ownership when it comes time to buy or sell.



Roadworthy Car Sales – Rules by States


Queensland (QLD)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in Queensland?

Selling a car publicly without a roadworthy certificate in QLD is not advised. You must obtain a safety certificate from an approved inspection station (AIS) before offering a registered vehicle for sale or disposing of a registered vehicle. The only exception to this rule is when offering the vehicle to a dealer (such as Cars Brisbane). If your vehicle is not registered, you will not be required to produce a RWC. But if you are planning to move the unregistered vehicle you will need an unregistered vehicle permit.

New South Wales (NSW)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in New South Wales?

Light vehicles in NSW (i.e. cars, motorbikes, and some trailer loads) over the age of five years old are required to obtain a yearly safety inspection report or “pink slip” to maintain their registration. In this case, newer vehicles can technically be on-sold without a RWC attached, after which point it becomes the new owner’s responsibility once it turns five. It is also important to note that you can request a roadworthy to be completed if the vehicle does not have a current one (certified within six months of date).

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in Australian Central Territory?

Like NSW, the ACT also allows used vehicles to be sold privately without a roadworthy certificate if they are less than six years old. However, to transfer the registration to a new owner, a current RWC is required to do so. This can be obtained by either the buyer or seller from an Authorised Test Examiner.

Victoria (VIC)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in Victoria?

A RWC or Certificate of Roadworthiness (CoR) is required when transferring ownership of a vehicle, to show that it is safe enough to be used on public roads. The CoR is issued by a VicRoads-approved licensed vehicle tester and is valid for 30 days following the passing of the inspection. Much like the rules for Queenslanders, the certificate can be obtained by either party unless you are selling to a licensed dealer, spouse, or domestic partner.

South Australia (SA)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in South Australia?

In SA, there is no requirement for the seller of a vehicle to produce any form of roadworthy certification. But if you are a buyer, it may be wise to request one as part of your own due diligence before committing to a sale.

Western Australia (WA)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in Western Australia?

There is no roadworthy certification required to sell a car in Western Australia. The good news (for the seller) is, once again, it comes down to the buyer to organise an inspection for their own assurance.

Northern Territory (NT)

Can you sell a car without a roadworthy in Northern Territory?

Selling a car in the top end is as easy as setting a price and finding a buyer. While no roadworthy certificate is required for vehicle sales, a roadworthiness check is required every year to re-register your car over five years old.



What you can do

If you are looking to sell your car without a roadworthy, you should make it clear that the vehicle is being sold without this certificate. No matter the law in your state, this can end up saving both you and potential buyers a lot of lost time and a poor experience due to miscommunication. In states with the mandatory requirement, fines can exist if you are found selling car without roadworthy. The fees for a roadworthiness assessment can also very between states, therefore we advise confirming with your state before proceeding.

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