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Is It Worth Selling a Car on eBay?

Looking to sell your car?

If so, you have a number of options including selling through a dealer, the classified ads, or selling online via the likes of eBay Motors or Craigslist.

Now e-commerce is so popular it sounds like it should be easy to sell on eBay but is it really worth it?

The first point to make is that selling a car anywhere involves some preparation on your part: whatever selling method you decide to use, you need to get your car looking good and working well, and form a rough idea of its value; also make sure all the documentation is at hand.

Our previous posts about how to sell a car will help you with this. But what are the pros and cons of selling a car specifically on eBay?

The Pros of Selling a Car on eBay

If you are in no particular hurry and are prepared to wait, eBay can be a good option to test what you can get for your car.

As well as the traditional eBay auctions, a classified ads section makes it possible to list a car and sell it in the traditional way.

When you’re writing your ad in eBay there is a guided process that includes a checklist of what to include, which helps novices create an ad that provides all the relevant info for buyers. It’s also free to place up to 6 ads per calendar year, though you will pay a fee on a successful sale of course.

An auction can expose your car to a wider audience, and it is also free to post your vehicle in this format for seven days. It avoids having to answer too many phone calls, and deal with potential time-wasters; but it’s not without its risks and you need to have a fair idea of what your car is worth to set starting prices.

The Cons of Selling a Car on eBay

There is no guarantee that you will sell the car at a price close to the what you want – or that anyone will be interested in your vehicle. This means you could waste valuable time if you are looking to make a quick sale to generate cash.

Despite safeguards in place to make sure that you get paid, some sellers still report problems with eBay enforcing winning bidders to honour their bids and actually receiving the money. There are also eBay commissions and PayPal transaction fees to absorb from the sale.

You also need to spend time writing your ad, photographing your vehicle and providing a full description, and making it stand out in a market where you may be competing against many other similar models.

Some people consider buying and selling cars through eBay auctions (non-classified formats) a somewhat risky process; using the classified ads also runs the risk that your ad won’t be noticed and nobody will contact you.

Many of the buyers on eBay are looking for unheard-of bargains; so they may be expecting prices well below what the online guides say your car is worth. If you have a well-maintained, excellent condition car then it is unlikely that you will want to settle for less than a premium price for your vehicle – and neither should you!

Need another option for selling your car? Why not use the quickest method available to get a fair price for your vehicle? No ads and no risk!  Car Brisbane purchases virtually any vehicle and we send a mechanic to inspect your car before agreeing on a fair price paid in cash on the spot.

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