How to Get an Accurate Evaluation of Your Car

Jun 10, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

The Red Book or Glasses Guide may be popular and a very easy way to arrive at an evaluation of the car you want to sell – but it won’t be an accurate estimate of its true value.

This is an important point, because many car owners use these automated valuation systems and end up settling for a lower fee than they could otherwise get with a professional evaluation.

The way to get an accurate car evaluation is to take it to a dealer with experience and a good knowledge of cars AND the car market. This usually requires a team of seasoned professionals who have been in the industry a while and have a good network of contacts, ensuring they can sell your car on easily and therefore offer a good price.

Next ensure that the sales process includes a detailed, physical inspection of your car buy a qualified mechanic. Anything less and it’s a guessing game. Only by checking your vehicle thoroughly can the true condition be assessed and a fair and informed evaluation made.

Many car buying companies simply don’t do this and rely on figures essentially plucked out the air when they provide a car valuation.

If you’re looking for an accurate car valuation from a trusted and experienced buyer, Car Brisbane is one of the leading dealers in the city. We will come to inspect your car personally at your home or office, and pay the best possible price in cash. 

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