A Beginner’s Guide: The Best Way to Sell a Car

May 21, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

Selling a car can be a complex business, so it’s useful to have a guide to help you manage it quickly and with success.

There is a long checklist of things to prepare and tick off before you are ready to sign on the dotted line, so below we have compiled the most important ones:

  • Self-evaluate your vehicle

Consider the make, model, year and overall sale-ability of your car. How much in demand is it and what’s the condition like? Is it still relatively new or has it seen better days? Use the online evaluators to help you get an approximate idea, but be careful: they do not take into account the real condition of your car.

  • Arrive at an acceptable range of values

Try to arrive at a high and a low range of figures that are acceptable to you, once you have evaluated your car. This way you will set the right expectations for the sales process to come, and for negotiating the price.

  • Get the paperwork together

You don’t want any hold-ups. Getting the documents together now will ensure you are ready to go when the time comes to hand over the keys. Have the registration documents and a copy of your drivers’ licence at hand.

  • Research potential buyers

You want to sell to a reputable and trustworthy company, so make sure you research the track record of the car dealer you sell to. Will someone come to collect your vehicle? Do they inspect it and give informed and accurate evaluations? Do they pay cash?

  • Get it looking the part

Present your car in the best possible light by spending some time getting it detailed before putting it up for sale. It’s amazing what a thorough clean inside and out, plus a wax and polish can do for the attractiveness of your car.

  • Get it sold

If you’ve followed the above steps then you are probably in a position to sell for a price you’re happy with. Arrange an inspection and get an evaluation performed with the car sales company of your choice, then negotiate a price.

The best way to sell a used car is by putting a little time in yourself and selecting the right company to help you. Remember that Car Brisbane will come to inspect your car at your premises and pay the best possible price on the spot for almost any vehicle.

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