Selling Your Car on Gumtree vs. Carsales vs. Carsguide

Dec 12, 2019 | Car Brisbane News

So you’ve made your decision. You’re ready: it’s time to find a new home for your old car. All you need now is the right buyer – but where do you find them? There are plenty of online options, some better than others, but which is the best when it comes to Gumtree vs. Car Sales vs. Cars Guide? There are so many options out there now that deciding where to sell can be confusing. We’re going to look at the pros and cons of each, and show you how Cars Brisbane will help you sell your car fast, take the hassle out of selling, and make sure you get the best price for your vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Car on Gumtree

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The pros of selling your car on Gumtree:

  • Lots of traffic
    • It’s an incredibly popular website and receives a high volume of daily traffic
  • Many potential buyers
    • You can expect your ad to reach a wide audience of potential buyers
  • Free
    • It’s completely free to place a basic ad with pictures
  • Add-ons to sell quicker
    • You also have the option to promote your ad for a small fee if you want to sell quickly


The cons of selling your car on Gumtree:

  • You’re the salesperson
    • You have to act as your own salesperson, and that can be a tough gig
  • It can take a while
    • There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sell your car quickly
  • Tyre-kickers
    • You might have to deal with rude or uncertain potential buyers, which is a drain on your time and energy
  • Competitive
    • Gumtree’s popularity with sellers as well as buyers means that, while your ad might be seen by more people, you’ll have a lot more competition in that market

Similar to Gumtree is eBay. While eBay are arguably a slightly more formal way of selling something online (only slightly, though), we don’t cover it in this article. We did cover it in another one though, where we wrote a bit of a guide to selling your car on eBay. Give it a read through for some extra tips and insights into the world of online car sales.


Pros and Cons of Selling Your Car on Carsales

Carsales logo over parked cars image

The pros of selling your car on Carsales

  • Lots of traffic
    • Like Gumtree, Carsales also has a high volume of traffic, which helps expose your car to a large number of potential buyers
  • Easy to list
    • It has an easy, streamlined process for creating an ad if you want to be your own salesperson
  • Tailored help
    • If you choose to do the work of selling your car yourself, Carsales will give you a reasonably similar experience to Gumtree, but with a lot more tailored help
  • Easier valuations
    • They can help you value your car, which saves you the trouble of researching it or going to a mechanic


The cons of selling your car on Carsales

  • Listing fees
    • Unless you’re selling your car for under $4999, you’ll have to pay at least $58 to make a listing on their site.
  • Can be pricey
    • The price of listing an ad goes up depending on the price bracket in which you intend to sell your car.
  • You’re the salesperson
    • You’ll still have to put the time and effort into engaging with buyers.
  • Tyre-kickers
    • Like with Gumtree, there’s no guarantee that you will be dealing with serious buyers.


Pros and Cons of Selling Your Car on CarsGuide

carsguide logo over parked cars

The pros of selling your car on CarsGuide

  • Tailored help
    • Like Carsales, CarsGuide is tailored to help you sell your car.
  • Lots of traffic
    • CarsGuide is a popular site, attracting over 1.4 million consumers a month.
  • Free
    • Placing a basic ad is easy and free.
  • External listings
    • Choosing CarsGuide will also have your vehicle listed on Autotraders.
  • Valuation tool
    • As on Carsales, CarsGuide offers an online valuation tool to help you decide on your price.


The cons of selling your car on CarsGuide

  • Can be costly
    • While the basic ad is free, the optional upgrades cost a minimum of 30 dollars per upgrade and that can add up quickly
  • More photos = more cost
    • If you’d like to post more than three photos, for example, you’ll be required to pay a hefty fee for the upgrade
  • You’re the salesperson
    • It has the same drawbacks as Gumtree and Carsales when it comes to the time and effort you’ll have to put into engaging with potential buyers


When it comes to comparing Gumtree vs Carsales vs CarsGuide, you’ll notice all these sites share common pros and cons: they all get a great number of users visiting the sites each month, which means heaps of potential buyers for your vehicle. They also all rely on you knowing your stuff about selling cars – if you’re someone who’s car is nothing more than a means of transport, and who doesn’t know their crankshafts from their timing belts, then it can be a difficult and daunting process to sell your car online.

That’s why we’re here.

Selling Your Car to a Car Buyer

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Cars Brisbane are a car buyer who take the hard work out of selling your vehicle. Unlike other companies, Cars Brisbane is focused on giving you the best possible experience selling your car. With us, you can sell your car fast without compromising on price. In fact, we offer the fastest-selling process in the city, along with the best price of any car buyer.

No writing up an ad, no waiting for responses, no haggling with buyers. Just a simple three-step process:

  • Step 1: You contact us for a quote.
    • Get in touch via our website or over the phone and let us know you’d like a quote for your car.
  • Step 2: We value your car.
    • You come and visit us, and one of our experienced professionals will perform an accurate valuation of your car on the spot and give you the best possible offer for it.
  • Step 3: You get paid.
    • Once you’ve agreed on a price with us, we’ll buy your car then and there. It’s that simple. As soon as you’ve been paid, we’ll arrange to collect your car at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Benefits of selling to Cars Brisbane:

  • We help you sell your car fast – you can sell your car in 30 mins flat
  • We’ll make sure you receive the best possible on-the-spot price for your vehicle
  • We make it easy to sell your car in Brisbane
  • No dealing with time-wasters or aggressive hagglers
  • Second-to-none, personable service – see our 5 star reviews to see what people said about their experience with us
  • We do all the leg work for you – the paperwork, the transfers, the stamp duty, we can take care of the roadworthy test if needed – we’ve got it covered

Sound good? We think it is.

Fill out our online quote form today, or give us a call on 1300 001 221, to organise your free valuation today, and let Cars Brisbane take the wheel. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

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