How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Vehicle 

Mar 3, 2023 | Car News

Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle can be daunting, but it’s one of the most beneficial projects. Not only does it ensure your safety when travelling, but it also preserves the longevity of your tires. But how do you pick the correct tires? Aside from chatting to a specialist at your local auto place or getting advice from a mechanic, you can use these tips to determine what kind of tires you’re looking for.

  1. Vehicle Type: The type of vehicle you drive will determine the tyre you need. Four-wheel drives, SUVs, and light trucks require different tyres than commercial or heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, you will need special performance tyres if you drive a performance vehicle.

  2. Driving Conditions: The type of road and weather conditions you will be driving in most frequently will also determine the type of tyre you need. If you are driving in primarily wet conditions, you’ll want tyres with good water dispersion and traction. Your tires should provide good grip and handling if you live in a mostly dry area. Additionally, those who drive in/visit snowy or icy conditions will need tires to suit that climate and road setting.

  3. Tyre Size: The size of the tyre is also important. Tyre size should match the recommended dimensions given by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Not only that, but the tire size should also match the wheel size, a simple point of reference when shopping for new tires.

  4. Tyre Tread: Tyre tread refers to the grooves or patterns on the tyre that help to provide traction. The legal minimum for tread depth in most countries is 1.6mm. If the tread depth is less than this, it’s definitely time to replace the tyre – low tread depth can impact your visibility on the road, the performance of the tyres and car, and overall safety factors.

  5. Brand and Price: There are many tyre brands to choose from, and the price can vary greatly. However, it’s important to consider cost alongside the reputation and quality of the brand. Asking at your local automat or a tyre specialist is particularly useful as you can bring your car along for reference! Always make sure to consult your vehicle’s manual or a tyre specialist before making your final decision.

Something as simple as a tire change can make you feel like you’re in a new car! Take this as a nudge to get onto any of those car projects you’ve been meaning to get around too. Getting the tools out and listening to some music while you give the car once-over results in better vehicle performance and a fantastic mindfulness activity. 

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