De-bunking EVs – What are the benefits and challenges of owning one?

Feb 7, 2023 | Car News

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are recognising their environmental benefits. They emit no pollution and the electricity can come from a variety of sources – including renewable energy. Read on as we debunk the preconceptions you might have about electric vehicles: including practicality, driving experience, reliability, cost, and environmental impact.

  1. Zero Emissions: One of the main benefits of EVs is that they produce zero emissions whilst you are driving. Traditional petrol-powered vehicles emit pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which can have negative impacts on both human health and the environment. EVs, on the other hand, produce no emissions and thus do not contribute to air pollution. It also gives the driver and passengers peace of mind that you’re travelling in a more sustainable space.

  2. Renewables-Powered: Another benefit of EVs is that their electricity can come from a variety of sources, including renewable energy. While the majority of electricity in Australia is generated using fossil fuels, there has been a massive increase in the use of renewable electricity sources such as wind and solar. This means that as more and more EVs hit the road, the demand for clean, renewable electricity will continue to grow. We can all accelerate towards net zero emissions!

  3. Energy Efficiency: Additionally, EVs are also more energy efficient than petrol-powered vehicles. It is estimated that EVs are about twice as efficient as petrol-fuelled vehicles, meaning they can travel about twice as far on the same amount of energy. This results in less energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions overall.

  4. Cost-Friendly: EVs are cheaper to maintain than petrol-fuelled vehicles, balancing out the cost of purchasing one. Electric motors have fewer moving parts than internal combustion engines and require less upkeep. Consider the amount of money you’ve spent on mechanic bills over the life of your current vehicle – you’d be servicing your EV a whole lot less.

  5. Charging stations are popping up everywhere: The worry that you won’t be able to charge your EV is becoming less and less of an obstacle, as if you take a wander around, you’ll find that heaps of places have started to place charging stations in their business. They’re becoming way more accessible and part of everyday car ownership.

As more and more EVs hit the road, we can expect to see fewer emissions, cleaner air, and a healthier environment. Now is the time to sell your car and get into an EV, because making the change is a meaningful step toward net zero and a happier earth. At Cars Brisbane, you can be guaranteed the best price and an efficient outcome when selling your car. Come into our studio today and have a chat about making the move – we’re ready to help! 

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