Selling Online Vs Using A Dealer

Apr 3, 2015 | Car Brisbane News

Are you ready to sell your car but not sure if you should sell it online or to a dealer? Don’t worry, Cars Brisbane has all the inside information you need to make an informed decision.

Pros & Cons of selling online


  1. You’ll spend less time haggling than you would if using a dealer.
  2. You will have more resources to ensure your car is competitively priced. By looking at the prices of other cars similar to yours on the market, you can gauge whether you’re hitting the right note with your asking price.
  3. You can advertise through multiple channels, including social media and online forums.
  4. With online selling, you’re free to set your own price for your car.


  1. Unfortunately, you can get scammed. If you receive an offer from an overseas buyer who urgently needs the car but cannot inspect or test drive the vehicle, be cautious. This deal is a scam if you receive a follow-up email from ‘PayPal’, confirming that the funds have been deposited but cannot be released until you send money by wire transfer to a freight company. Do not take the bait.
  2. If you sell your car online, there is often less room for negotiation.
  3. You may have to deal with time wasters and customers who are not really sure if they want the car.
  4. You may need to be on guard with customers to ensure that they are genuine buyers.


Pros & Cons of selling to a dealer


  1. Compared to selling online, selling to car dealer can be fast and convenient.
  2. Selling to a dealer offers flexible options such as trading in the car for a new one or trading it in for value.


  1. You are likely to end up with less money in your pocket as car dealers pay much less.
  2. You will need to research to find a dealer who deals with your make of car, offers reasonable prices and has a trustworthy reputation.

While there are a multitude of advantages and disadvantages with selling to a dealer or online, a better simple solution is to use Cars Brisbane. With Cars Brisbane, you get the best of both worlds, with the convenience of selling any make of car instantly and honest evaluation that ensures you get the best possible price. To find out more, try our handy free online valuation tool or call us today.

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