4 of Brisbane’s Best Cruise Destinations

Jan 29, 2023 | Car News

Summer’s all about catching up with friends and family, zinc, backyard cricket matches, scorching hot car seats and best of all – driving on leisurely day trips where you can explore the beauty your state has to offer. Ideally, cruising means long stretches of uninterrupted road, musical sing-alongs and as little traffic as possible, so we’ve taken these factors into consideration when selecting the spots on this list. Brisbane, with its tropical warmth, sweeping coastal vistas and soaring mountains has plenty of idyllic routes for summertime cruising. So buckle up your seatbelts, slap on some sunscreen and let’s drive!

  1. Mount Coot-tha Lookout/Brisbane Botanic Gardens: The Crowd-Pleaser

Located off Scenic Drive (a name which gives you a hint about the jaw-dropping views you’ll be in awe of later), Mount Coot-tha’s lookout point is reached by a leisurely drive which isn’t a strain on the driver. It’s an ideal cruising destination for anyone seeking a moment of tranquillity over the holidays – the lookout itself allows you to view an almost storybook panorama of the city in the distance. The lookout is the heart of several hiking trails which make for an intimate and restorative immersion in nature. If leaving your car and trekking doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then driving down to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens might be more like it. With sprawling, meticulously cared-for gardens, level strolling paths and arching trees which offer pools of shade, to sit in – solitude is sure to be found here. Additionally, the Botanic Gardens have a cafe and play equipment, so both families and individuals can enjoy a day out.

2Mount Tamborine: A Winery Tour & Something Enchanting

 One word comes to mind: lush. Driving along the trim of Tamborine, you’ll travel on smooth and languid roads which are enveloped by greenery on either side. The abundance of cosy accommodation options scattered along your route means that you can turn a leisurely drive into an overnight getaway. Tamborine is dotted with a collection of gourmet dining and horticulture experiences; namely the drive through a trail of wineries such as Hampton Estate Wines and Heritage Wines. Or, for something atmospheric and straight out of a gothic novel – be enchanted by Witches Falls Walking Track. Cascading waterfalls and the woven, dense trunks of towering trees thread together a landscape with an air of magic. As well as driving, it can be lovely to save some fuel during the Summer and go for a walk.

3. O’Reilly’s: Recharge Your Batteries & Get Back to Basics

 Cruising to the Rainforest Retreat is an ideal way to unwind; the roads are gentle and the scenery verdant. This is a secluded drive, perfect for that summertime escapism when the air is balmy and time slows down. The blush of red fronds against the sapphire of the sky lends O’Reilly’s a sense of enchantment. You can drive to the Rainforest Retreat and book a restorative treatment or revel in having nature at your fingertips and under the soles of your feet by camping at Green Mountain.

4. Redcliffe Beach – A Pocket of Calm in the Bustle 

Despite bordering the buzzing shorefront and being in a busier area than our previous suggestions, Redcliffe is entirely picturesque. Its shore is an uninterrupted stretch of gold sand – perfect for a sunset drive and a gelato. Generally, this area experiences less traffic than some of Brisbane’s other popular beaches, so you might find you have a rather pleasant trip down to the seafront. Its pier ties everything together with a bow of holiday romance – you can watch boats drift idly into the harbour. Or alternatively, pick up some fish and chips to eat by the car and have yourself a laid-back beach picnic with family and friends.

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