As voted by YOU. We reveal Brisbane’s Cheapest Petrol Stations that will Blow Your Mind.

Jul 10, 2023 | Car Brisbane News

Last month we asked our amazing followers about your top-secret Brisbane petrol stations, and you answered. Stash your cash and prepare for our top 6 fuel stops in Brisbane.


Let’s Count Down to Brisbane’s #1 Petrol Secret:

6. 7-Eleven Loganlea

From their wide range of fuel options to their unbeatable prices, 7-Eleven Loganlea is a wallet-friendly place to stop. Fuel up and embark on a savings journey at the 7-Eleven Loganlea petrol station.

5. Costco Petrol Stations: Fuel Deals You Can’t Resist

If you thought Costco was just a warehouse club, think again! Their petrol stations are a game-changer in the fuel industry. Not only do they offer incredible prices on petrol. Costco members can take advantage of exclusive discounts, promotions, and rewards programs, saving even more on fuel expenses. There is a Costco petrol station located in North Lakes and Bundamba. This membership-based approach adds extra value for those who frequently visit Costco.

4. Liberty Service Station on Deception Bay Rd: Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You… The Petrol is Cheap!

This Liberty Service Station is a hidden gem located on Deception Bay Rd. Combining convenience and style, this station goes beyond just refuelling your vehicle. With a wide range of amenities, including a well-equipped convenience store, clean restrooms, and friendly staff, it’s a fuel station with excellent extras!

3. Liberty Oil Lawnton: The Affordable Oasis on Your Journey!

Prepare to be cared for at Liberty Oil Lawnton! This petrol station is an opportunity to fuel up in style. Featuring quality facilities, top-notch customer service, and a wide range of fuel options, it’s a handy rest stop for visitors.

2. 7-Eleven: Unleashing the Power of the My 7-Eleven app for Price Lock Magic!

With the revolutionary My 7-Eleven app, redeem exclusive offers and rewards by scanning your card every time you shop in-store. You can now price-lock the cheapest petrol, ensuring you always get the best deal in town. Say goodbye to worrying about fluctuating fuel prices and hello to stress-free savings at the pump!

Compare Petrol Prices on the Fly with the Petrol Spy app:

Compare prices instantly with the Petrol Spy app. This innovative app empowers users with real-time information on petrol prices, allowing them to locate the cheapest fuel options nearby. With a simple button tap, users can instantly access a comprehensive list of nearby petrol stations and compare their prices!

Are you close to one of the stations listed above?

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