How Much Can You Sell Your Car for in Brisbane?

Jan 24, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

Got a private or company car that you want to sell for cash in Brisbane? The first question on your mind will probably be how much you can get for it.

That means getting a good, honest car valuation and quote, which can be easier said than done!

Obtaining an Honest Valuation

The key to getting an honest car evaluation is having a qualified mechanic inspect it and provide an estimation based on industry knowledge.

Typically nowadays, quotes are automatically generated or lifted from the standard car buying guides. This might be quick – but it probably doesn’t help you get the best price.

The Quote Process

Of course, there is some basic information required to get the ball rolling on getting a quote. The value of your vehicle will largely depend on the manufacturer, the model and the year it was made. It will also depend on how many kilometres it has done on the road.

This will provide a good guideline for providing a range of values, after which the actual condition of the vehicle needs taking into account.

The specific value will only be accurately determined by a vehicle inspection, as this will indicate how well it has been maintained over the years – a very important factor.

That’s why, after you have contacted Car Brisbane using our “How Much Will I Get” quote form, we make the process more accurate by sending one of our professionals out to your premises to provide a real, buy now evaluation. That way, if you have underestimated the condition of your car, you end up getting a better offer price for it.

If you are based in or around Brisbane we will buy your car regardless of the manufacturer, as long as it was made after 1999. This applies to company cars as well as private cars, and we pay cash on the spot.

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