How to Get a Good Deal on Your Used Car

Mar 4, 2014 | Car Brisbane News

Are you thinking of selling your car? How do you know you are getting a fair deal? We are here to provide you with some handy tips on how to sell your used car for a good price.

At Cars Brisbane we know what to look for in used cars as we are one of the leading car for cash buyers in Brisbane. We want to make sure you get a good deal for your used car.

Here is a 5 point guide to make sure your car valuation is the best it can be:

 1. Wash it!

Everyone knows cars look at their best on the same afternoon you have washed the dust off the bonnet and the mud out of the wheel arches. So take some time to make your car give a good first impression.

 2. Don’t forget the inside

Of course the interior should be just as clean as the exterior, so ensure all rubbish and personal effects are removed. At the very least vacuum inside as well, but if it’s particularly dirty or smelly it might be time to get a professional in for a deep clean.

3. Do any small jobs yourself

Make sure you check all the bulbs and replace them if needed. Also if the headlight or taillight casings are cracked replace them too. This is a very simple thing but could make a significant difference in the valuation of your car.

4. Be honest

If you know there are problems, big or small, disclose these to the dealer when asked. All dealers have a mechanic check the cars before purchase, so they will find out, and if you have lied your valuation will suffer. If you disclose the problems, the hit probably won’t be as big as you think either, as it will be much cheaper for the dealer to do the repair with their in house mechanic than if you had it done privately.

5. Have an idea of your cars value

You can’t sell something you don’t know the price of, or you could accept an offer well below the actual value. Have a look at what the similar cars are being sold for in your local area. You might be pleasantly surprised!

So now a little bit about us. offers competitive and fair car valuation in the Brisbane area. We also offer car for cash payments, to get you the best possible car deal in Brisbane.

Please take our advice into consideration and when you are ready to sell contact us and we will come and do a car valuation at your Brisbane home or office. If you are happy with our offer, accept it and we will pay for your car, with cash right there and then.

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