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November 17, 2014
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November 17, 2014
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How to Sell a Car Fast With No Advertisement

Car keys - How to sell a car fast

How to Sell a Car Fast With No Advertisement

Many people who want to sell a car privately rush to write an advertisement and pay for a listing in one of the leading car sales publications, or on eBay, and sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

When they don’t hear anything they start wondering why they wasted time and money. Even if they do get inquiries it takes time to arrange meetings and negotiate – and there’s no guarantee that the other party will be interested after seeing your vehicle.

There is another way. You can sell your car for a good cash price without expending any time, energy, or money.

Established car sales specialists build up large networks over the years. That’s why they can confidently offer competitive cash prices: they know the market and know exactly what they will be able to get for your car. Some specialists will inspect your vehicle in person, using a qualified car mechanic: this is better because you are more likely to get the price that your vehicle is actually worth, based on its real condition.

In Brisbane, there are many places to sell your car privately, but you usually have to play the waiting game.

With Cars Brisbane there is no waiting. Simply book an evaluation and we will come to inspect your car wherever you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. We will agree to a cash price with you there and then and arrange to take your vehicle away.

Providing you have the registration documents and a copy of your driver’s licence then it really is the quickest way possible to get the cash deal you want for your car.

We are an established, professional and reputable car buyer and have been doing this for years!