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June 12, 2014
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How to Sell Your Car Quickly

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How to Sell Your Car Quickly

Sometimes people need to sell their car quickly. Maybe they’ve had a second car blocking up the driveway for a while and are sick of the sight of it, or they just need to raise some cash. Whatever the reason, this can expose the seller to a lower-than-expected price, if the buyer picks up  on the fact that he or she needs cash quickly. It’s useful to follow a few simple guidelines for selling a car quickly:

1. Spend a little time on making it look good

You will get a better price with just a little effort on the cosmetics of your car. You can either take it for a full detail or clean it yourself – but make sure you do a thorough job inside and out. A polish would be even better. Any prospective buyer is bound to feel more attracted to a gleaming, clean vehicle than a shoddy, dirty one.

2. Get the paperwork in order

Having the correct paperwork at hand ensures there are no hold ups when the signatures are ready. You will need copies of your Driver’s Licence and Registration Certificate for a private vehicle. If you are selling a company car you also need a tax invoice, a copy of the ASIC Business Registration with ASIC, a copy of the Vendor’s Statement signed by a director and a copy of the Director’s Drivers License.

3. Hunt around

Make sure you prepare and know what the upper and lower limits are of your car’s value. That way you can decide on a few benchmark figures that you are happy with and you don’t have to waste time pondering an offer. While online buying guides can be misleading (and certainly should not be used as the ‘gospel’) finding out what other people have received for similar vehicles as yours can help set expectations correctly and save time.

4. Settle on cash

Cash sales are quicker and easier, providing the buyer is reputable. Once the buyer has inspected the vehicle and made an offer, there is nothing to hold up the agreement providing the value meets your expectations and you have the paperwork in order. Cars Brisbane can help you sell your car quickly and we pay cash on the spot for almost any vehicle.