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Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars for Families

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Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars for Families

Are you in the market for a new car? With so many quality, used cars on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide on the make and model that’s best for your family. That’s why Cars Brisbane is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the most reliable used cars in Australia, based on customer satisfaction surveys.
Factors like size, safety, fuel economy and overall reliability will generally influence your decision. Make a list of what’s most important to you in a car, as well as the features your family needs most. Compare your list to our top selection of SUV’s and sedans to find the latest 4-wheeled addition to your family!




1. Honda CRV 3rd Gen, 2007-2011

• Very spacious interior
• Stylish, contemporary design
• Great driver visibility
• Impressive safety features

The Honda CRV is an incredibly versatile family SUV, and one of the best used cars on the market. Its stylish exterior sets it above the rest if you’re cruising down city streets, while its size and safety features make it a great car for weekend getaways. The CRV has been reviewed as sturdy, nimble and very rewarding to drive.


2. Nissan X-Trail 2nd Gen, 2007-2013

• Good fuel economy for its size
• Great towing performance
• Spacious & comfortable
• High driving position

The latest versions of the Nissan X-Trail are a major improvement on its predecessors, with increased fuel economy, and reduced noise and vibration for a smooth and comfortable drive. The X-Trail is great value for money and can handle some laidback off-roading for adventurous families.


3. Hyundai ix35 2nd Gen, 2010-2015

• Well built with a reliable engine
• Suspension suited to Australian conditions
• Easy to obtain spare parts locally
• Top-of-the-range models have features including cruise control, keyless entry, and a glass roof- just to name a few!

The ix35 is the family car with luxury features! It boasts a large cargo space, which makes it perfect for camping, road trips or your weekly supermarket run. Hyundai’s have taken the Australian car market by storm in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. Stylish, comfortable and a reliable car for Aussie families!


4. Mazda CX-5 1st Gen, 2012-2017

• Profound safety features
• Modern features including high beam control, climate control system & lane departure warnings
• Smooth transmission
• Fold down seats for additional boot space

The Mazda CX-5 is dubbed as one of the most reliable SUV’s in the used car market. It boasts an impressive list of safety features including Dynamic Stability Control, Emergency Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Force Distribution. It’s a great car for active families who are constantly on the road!


5. Toyota RAV 4 3rd Gen, XA30: 2006-2012

• Spacious & reliable for off-roading
• Good fuel economy
• Quality mechanics & great safety rating
• Small for an off-roader

The RAV 4 has been a long-time Aussie favourite amongst adventure seeking families. It’s the perfect SUV for bush-bashing, camping trips and beaches. It’s pleasant to drive, reliable and offers the versatility to perform on both suburban streets and off the beaten track.





1. Hyundai i40 1st Gen, 2011-2016

• Perfect balance between firmness & comfort
• Quality engineering & strong engine options
• Spacious interior for a sedan
• Drives very smoothly

The Hyundai i40 is comfortable and very smooth to drive. It’s a great car for smaller families, it’s cost-effective yet stylish, and is one of the most reliable used sedans on the market!


2. Toyota Camry XV50, 2011-2013

• Great on Australian road conditions
• Mechanical reliability
• Decent fuel economy
• Low running costs

The Toyota Camry is renown for its reliability, comfort and space for a mid-size sedan. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other modern sedans, but it certainly does the job, and it does it well!


3. Mazda 6 3rd Gen, 2012-present

• Features a large boot & room for rear passengers
• Excellent fuel economy
• 5-star safety rating
• Impressive digital technology

The Mazda 6 looks as good as it feels to drive. It’s a reliable and spacious car with outstanding safety features including electronic stability, traction control and front and rear airbags. The digital features are impressive for a second hand family car, and you’ll certainly feel your best cruising the streets in the 3rd Generation 6.


4. Ford Falcon 7th Gen, 2008-2016

• Suited for Australian road conditions
• Great suspension
• Six-cylinder engine
• Dependable & spacious

Despite decreasing in popularity over recent years, the Ford Falcon is still a great car for Aussie families looking for something that will last. It feels great on the road and offers ideal suspension for Australian conditions.


5. Honda Accord 8th Gen, 2008-2012

• Spacious & comfortable, full-sized sedan
• Good fuel efficiency for its size
• Clever technology
• Reliable engine

The Honda accord has all the features you could want in a full-sized sedan, along with the fuel efficiency of a much smaller car! It offers a comfortable, smooth drive with a great selection of handy tech features.


Whether your family is growing, going places far and wide or just looking for a more reliable, comfortable ride, you’re sure to find the best option amongst Australia’s favourites.

If you’re sold on one of the best used family cars, and ready to part ways with your current car, Cars Brisbane will buy it! You can sell your car stress-free in under 30 minutes! Get in touch with us for a free valuation from one of our experienced professionals!


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