5 Things to NOT Do When Selling Your Car in 2018

Apr 27, 2018 | Car Brisbane News

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The year is now in full swing, and if you’re considering upgrading your car in 2018 then there are a few precautions worth taking before you put your current vehicle up for sale.

With so many car sale websites available now, buyers have no shortage of choice and if you don’t do things correctly, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. If you’re wondering then ‘How do I sell my car online?’ here are five key mistakes to avoid making when listing your used car for sale on the internet.

Keep your car clean - Cars Brisbane

1. Skip the Car Wash

If your car is dirty both inside and out, then the trash will undoubtedly distract potential buyers from seeing the actual condition of your car. A clean car suggests a well looked after one, and will help you get the best value from your sale. At the least, ensure you give your vehicle a thorough scrub down and vacuum. Otherwise, if you’re aiming for a higher sale price, consider the cost of a full detailing to give it an extra shine. Also make sure you take photos of the car after it’s washed for your advertisement.

Ask a fair price when selling your car - Cars Brisbane

2. Set the Price Too High / Low

Nothing discourages a buyer more than a listing priced higher than its worth. Likewise, if you set your price too low then you miss out on making a profit. To get a fair value for your vehicle and entice proper customers, use a credible pricing guide like RedBook to find what your vehicle is worth and give you the best indication of what price to sell your car for online.

Remeber your car's service history when you sell it - Cars Brisbane

3. Forget the Service Records

Most buyers will be interested in the history of your car, and if you’ve kept up the maintenance of your vehicle it can be a strong sale advantage for you to provide these records. Consequently, if you have proof of services don’t forget to show potential buyers these receipts. When offering this information also ensure that any personal information listed on the documents is blacked out to avoid identity theft.

Don't give out personal info when you sell your car - Cars Brisbane

4. Give Out Personal Information

Without thinking, it can be easy to give in to the demands of a potential buyer. Giving out personal or identifying information over text or phone could give somebody the details needed to commit fraudulent activity. Genuine buyers will always be happy to come in and inspect the car for themselves, so offer to give them this information in person then. You should never give any copies of official documents relating to the vehicle to a buyer unless the sale has been confirmed.

Take precautions when offering test drives - Cars Brisbane

5. Allow Test Drives Without Precautions

Many prospective buyers will be interested in seeing how the car runs for themselves, but don’t just let opportunists drive off with your car. When meeting a customer for a test drive, always ask for their driver’s licence before allowing them in the car to. You should ensure you accompany them on their drive and bring someone you know with you if you’re worried about safety.

What’s Next?

The best way to sell a car ultimately comes down to what you’re looking to get out of the sale. For a reliable, affordable, and time effective way to sell your car, contact Cars Brisbane today or submit a quote form to get an idea of what you could earn. We offer extremely competitive prices and ensure you get the best value for money with your car sale!

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