How to Sell a Car After Travelling Across Australia

Feb 23, 2021 | Car Brisbane News

Just come back from travelling around Australia and want to sell your car? Found the perfect upgrade halfway through your trip? Looking for the best possible cash price so that you can continue your travels overseas?

There are plenty of ways to sell a car in Australia but there are also pitfalls, especially if you are looking for a quick sale and are trying to sell a vehicle that has racked up a lot of kilometres on the clock.

How can you maximise the value you get for your car?

Ads may not be the best idea

Firstly, although it is traditionally a trusted way to sell a car, placing an ad in the classified section of a newspaper or magazine, or even for an online sale, may not be the best way to sell your car. You may be charged, you have to wait for responses, and if the buyer senses that you are trying to sell quickly the price will be negotiated down, below your cars worth. By all means, try a “For Sale” sign on your car but you will have to strike lucky in order to get a fast sale at a fair price.

Get it looking its best

Do make sure that your vehicle is clean inside and out; if you can get it waxed and polished then that is even better for creating the all-important good first impression on a buyer.

Pay attention to stone chips in your bonnets paint, as well as dirt under the vehicle if you have been on gravel or country roads. When you are familiar with the car, it is easy to glance over the small detail, but a veteran second-hand car buyer will be sure to notice the little things.

Do not get carried away with tyre shine and trim detailer products. There are plenty of cheap car improvement products available to help create the best first impression and sell your car faster, but they are not perfect. Ensure you use them as directed to avoid any unintentional damage to your detailing.

Arrive at an approximate valuation in your head

Research what your vehicle is really worth before advertising or talking to dealers. It is relatively easy to get a rough idea by checking online valuators so that you do not get short-changed by an over-zealous buyer! The time taken to have a quick look through used car sale sites and markets could be a good investment if you can gain greater confidence in your asking price.

Research dealers

If you decide on a dealer, ensure that it is well established, knows the industry, and has an extensive network to sell through. If the dealer is able to send a mechanic to inspect your car it is a good sign that you will receive an evaluation based on the real condition of your vehicle. Dealers are also required to offer a warranty on some vehicles, depending on mileage and age, which could be the difference for any potential buyers.

Watch out for scams

Beware the car buying scams that can strike the unaware. It’s best not to accept cheques as these have been known to bounce; ask for a cash deal and never let anyone test drive your vehicle on their own.

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Interstate sales

The more time you spend with your car, the more you tend to love it. However, people often find that their once perfect day-to-day commuter or weekend adventurer is not ideal for long journeys and long-term travelling. The mid-trip transition from old to different is not uncommon but does present some hurdles when selling your current vehicle.

The formal paperwork is always something to consider regardless of which state you are travelling through, and every state has different requirements, so it is worth checking.

The transfer of registration will be a significant deterrent for potential buyers if you are interstate. Transferring the registration yourself is unlikely to be the best option, as the car may not be sold and you won’t have an appropriate registration address, so it is most probable your buyer will be burdened with this cost after purchase. Consider this when negotiating your final price and contemplate getting professional reassurance that the car will pass all required roadworthy checks.

Does the odometer matter?

If you want to see Australia by road, it is no secret you will be racking up a lot of kilometres. It is likely you will be adding years’ worth of kilometres to your vehicle in one adventure, but do not let this be the reason you lose lots of money when you sell. Never forget, there are many contributing factors to your vehicle’s value, it is not all about the odometer. Be sure you also maintain your service history, preserve the exterior condition, and drive sensibly to help maintain your vehicle’s value.

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